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Compusol's Work Flow Process is fully focused on high service quality and our customers' complete satisfaction.

1. Purchase Order Received
  • Customer service rep determines customer specifications and reviews the information of unit(s) in the purchase order for any special instructions.
2. Customer's Unit Received
  • Unit is received through major carriers or Compusol will provide free pickup and delivery service in Silicon Valley and East Bay Area of San Francisco.
3. Identification of the Unit
  • Each Unit received will be identified through comparing the information in the PO and in the received Unit. Customer will be contacted if there is any required information missing, any information mismatched, or any data/information of the Unit to be confirmed.
  • A Traveler card will be given to each Unit as well as a barcode sticker affixed, that will include Part Number, Serial Number, RMA number, and warranty information.
  • The Unit with the traveler that has any special instruction and papers will be forwarded to Repair Technician.
4. Prescreen and Power-up of the Unit
  • The Unit is screened for any mechanical problems and then cleaned.
  • Technician powers up the Unit per OEM and customer's specifications to determine a failure and generate a list of rework to do, including parts, action to be taken, and unit specific requirements such as upgrades.
5. Repair and Rework
  • The Unit is repaired to conform with OEM and customer specifications.
  • Any update or modification requested by customer is installed in the Unit.
  • Each repair history is recorded and signed off on the Unit's traveler card.
6. Unit Test
  • The Unit is tested under various load conditions and line conditions per OEM and customer specifications.
7. Burn-in
  • The Unit is put through to Burn-In process per customer requirement.
8. Final Test
  • Final test is done thoroughly per OEM and customer specifications to confirm all the original operating characteristics.
9. Database Log
  • All the applicable information is entered into Compusol's Failure Database and Tracking System for future use. This will help improve customer service quality and save time in processing service for the same customer in the future.
10. Final Quality Inspection
  • The Unit goes through quality inspections to assure overall quality per customers requirements such as customer specified parts, other standards, and Shipping and Handling requirements.
  • The traveler with the Unit is signed off.
11. Shipping
  • Shipping person double checks the following:
    • All the information needed for the traveler and special forms if applicable.
    • Any discrepancies among the Unit, the tracking database, and the traveler.
  • All the paper works requested by customer will be prepared to be shipped with the Unit.
  • The Unit will be packaged per customer specification, i.e. special packaging, etc.
  • The Unit will be shipped via major carriers or delivered to the San Francisco Bay Area customers by their request.
Our customers' EXCELLENT service experience with Compusol is our major goal. Please go to Contact Us page if you have any service quality related suggestion, comments, or special requirements for your needs. Compusol is here for our customers' needs with best efforts.

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