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Compusol maintains a warranty return ratio of less than 3%. The warranty periods begins on the invoice date and are valid as follows: 
  • Power Supplies 180 days 
  • Monitors 90 days 
  • Laptop/Notebooks 90 days 
  • Printers 90 days 
  • Extended warranties are available at an additional cost.

Power Supplies: Flat rate and include all parts and labor required to completely refurbish your power supply. (Magnetics, cosmetics and sheet metal excluded). We are happy to evaluate Power Supply models that are not in our price file on a free, no-risk basis. After the evaluation we will quote a flat rate price.
Monitors: Flat rate and include all parts and labor required to repair the monitor.
(Flyback Transformer, CRT, LCD, Cosmetics, and Signal Cable excluded).
Laptop and Notebooks: Flat rate labor plus parts.
Printers: Flat rate labor plus parts.

We can accommodate prepay, COD, Visa, Master Card, or American Express payments. We will consider credit terms for repeat business customers based upon their credit worthiness. 

Compusol is able to offer our volume clients highly effective service packages at competitive prices. Whether you are receiving downed equipment from your field technicians, need refurbishment services, or if you want us to blind ship repairs for you, Compusol can do it all. It's our can do attitude that has won us the business from so many prominent firms and government agencies. Quite frankly, we would like the opportunity to earn your business as well.

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